Integrating cash-based games

The movement towards redistribution, rewarding, growing the pie for developers, includes the e-Skills platform for easy integration of cash-based skill games - games in which multiple players pay an entry fee and compete for a money prize.

A payment system (using AppCoins Wallet), a matchmaking system and a revenue share system, all in a single platform, e-Skills - which is part of the play-to-earn movement - gives gamers the possibility to make money doing something they love.

The play-to-earn model may still be a niche but it’s a fast-growing one, and one that is part of a larger gaming trend - the physical and digital worlds are becoming increasingly intertwined.

By definition, a Play-to-earn game is any game that rewards players with something that has real-world or virtual-world value.

Therefore, each play-to-earn game offers rewards to players in different ways.

Most games will pay out with real money or in-game virtual currencies. These may be exchanged and sold to other players or external traders.

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Billion hobby

The more people play and spend on a game, more money is generated. Players can earn based on their abilities and knowledge of the game. And these digital game assets can generate profit, inside and outside the platforms. Moreover, games with solid communities and brands have an edge over others, and with play-to-earn games, that is a key factor.

The bigger picture is that gaming is not just a hobby anymore - it’s a huge business, a market worth more than $300 billion. Much of this growth is coming from a surge of new gamers seeking social engagement, and play-to-earn - by changing how individuals interact with each other and perceive traditional socioeconomic systems - fits into this larger tendency.

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